Saturday, 21 May 2011

Madge For Sunset Boulevard?? Let's Say Something Nice About The Costumes

We all know that Madge has a "bad acting gene"....oh hold on, what am I saying?
She's appeared in some of the most important movies of our generation. Shanghai Surprise? GENIUS! Body Of Evidence? AMAZING! The Next Best Thing? TRIUMPHANT! Swept Away? LIFE BLOODY CHANGING!
So pull out the spotlight and prepare to fall back into a pool, because Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber is apparently begging Madge to star in his big screen adaptation of Sunset Boulevard, insisting she would be "perfect" for the lead role. Er, has he seen any of her other films?
Sir Andrew wants Ma-Maw-Maw to play Norma Desmond, telling Brit TV hostPiers Morgan's Life Stories, "I tell you who I would love to see play Sunset Boulevard. You know who would make a great Norma Desmond on screen? Madonna.
"She's the right age. I've not got through to her. She hasn't taken my call."
That's because her coochie is still busy re-inventing itself on her 33-year-old boyf, Baby Brahim.
But enough about Madge and more about the costumes in Sunset Boulevard, in particular, Gloria Swanson's wardrobe - who played Norma Desmond - designed by Edith Head (seen below with Swanson).
Norma is swathed throughout the movie in opulent furs and shrouded in dramatic gowns with sweeping capes, with the clothes adding to the already palpable drama. Head was influenced by Dior's mid-1940s style and added her own embellishments to "personalise and reflect Norma Desmond's taste".  In her auto biography 'Swanson On Swanson', the actress recalled her costumes in the film as "a trifle exotic."
If this movie does come off, with or without Madge in the role, I'd put my money onRodarteGivenchyTom FordSarah Burton for McQueen or evenVivienne Westwood to create a wardrobe fit for Norma. And if Madge does eventually get off her bike, take Sir Andrew's call and say yes in her best mocknay accent......let's just hope they can magically CGI her 1980s face on to her body before she utters: “I’m ready for my close-up Mr. DeMille". Either that, or they need a shit hot make-up artist who owns a palette of foundation and lies.


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