Saturday, 21 May 2011

Lady Gaga To Be V Magazine's Latest Columnist

So Lady Gaga has announced via Twitter that her latest fashion venture is as a monthly columnist for V magazine.
Her column will debut in next month’s issue - V71 - and will focus on “all things fashion” which helps I guess, but in terms of Gaga, this could pretty much mean ANYTHING beginning with a facial corset and ending in her hatching from an egg. Let's hope she gives us a sneak peek inside the Haus of Gaga, or her opinions on how art, architecture and film have influenced fashion - basically something worth reading. Please no 'How To Dress Like Gaga' advice column or interviews withNicola Formichetti (we love him, but the whole Mugler / Gaga thing has slightly been overdone now thank you).
Before she takes the hot seat for the issue published on May 12, V is also asking readers and fans to submit their best Gaga illustrations, with one artist being chosen as the singer's official magazine headshot. If you fancy your chances, you'll need to enter by midnight on Sunday, April 3. The winner will be revealed the Monday after.
You know, if Lady NawNaw truly wanted to make our eyeballs bust into a seizure of fashion shock, she should just show up to her next red carpet event wearing loose-fitting jeans, a polo shirt and trainers. But as per, I'll be waiting to see her looking like an art project done by a group of half-blind pre-schoolers.


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