Saturday, 21 May 2011

January Jones Shows What Butt Clenching Can Do

I just knew that daily doses of buttock clenching, while simultaneously lighting twenty cigarettes on the go was good for you - just ask January Jones, who appears on the cover of the May issue of with a body to die for.
Check out the 80s styling - oh I've come over all Robert Palmer and those leggy women who were addicted to love...sans guitars and some serious hair slicking putty obv. I've also noticed January's deliberately harsh hair and pose, both of which give off the air of a stuck-up bish who only lowers her eyes to look down on you. And she doesn't look her usual sexy/pretty in this shot either, but then we all know that being bitchy is better than being pretty - because beauty fades, bitchiness gets better with age, natch!
And despite having a pointless white board between her ankles - which incidentally are the size of napkin rings - please note that a leather leotard combined with a pair of 6-inch stilts and your legs WIDE apart - as in 'put your legs in the air and think of handbags' - will most definitely make you look like you've just teetered off the 'Glamazons' bus.


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