Saturday, 21 May 2011

Gaga is still abusing Red Dwarf make-up, this time for i-D magazine

*sigh* Lady Gaga is STILL gluing pieces of leftover Kryten from Red Dwarf to her cheeks (aka, that S/S 11 signature facial prostheses) which causes every muscle in my face to register a confused expression (seriously, there's enhancing your cheekbones and then there's ENHANCING YOUR CHEEKBONES!. Overdoing the rouge and looking like a budget version of Phil Oakey from The Human Leaguecirca 1986 is fine - but come on, this sci-fi-esque UBERbone thing is just all kinds of Klingon, ridiculous and causes my eyeballs to flutter elsewhere.
But if you're still looking, you might like to know that this image is from 'The Exhibitionist' Issue of i-D magazine (out on March 24) which is a celebration of clothes which are designed to be worn and shown off. Gaga for Mugler - styled byNicola Formichetti (obv) and photographed by Marian Vivanco - is the first in a series of four different covers.
The second cover features Polish mod Anja Rubik rocking a nose ring, blood red lips, stand-out make-up and not much else, which kinda defeats that whole 'showing clothes off' theme, because she has no clothes to show off. Let your purdy lil' brain work that one out. Rubik is photographed by Emma Summerton and her pose is styled by i-D's Fashion Director Edward Enninful.
Another fashion blog I read described this Gaga cover as "Genius". Really? A latex coat, a dodgy hairpiece and some nekkid flesh. Genius? Oh come on, let's not get carried away now.


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