Saturday, 21 May 2011

Fashion on Film: L’Amour Fou -Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé

Six months after the death of Yves Saint Laurent in 2008, filmmaker Pierre Thoretton began filming a documentary about the life of the legendary designer and his partner of 50 years, Pierre Bergé.
But just before you think it's a film based on YSL's unsurpassed contribution to fashion's time capsule - such as Prêt-à-porter (Ready-To-Wear) and of course the iconic Tuxedo Suit - L'amour Fou' (literally 'mad love') is a tale of fashion falling into the background, with the spotlight firmly on the 50 year relationship between YSL and Bergé instead. As Thoretton himself said of the film: “The first take was completely boring, I realised the most important thing in the collection was their joy. Was them.”
The film was originally released in the midst of Paris Fashion Week on September 22nd, and has now opened at The Paris Theatre in New York with a limited release nationwide in the U.S. Unfortunately there is no release date for the UK as yet, which means we'll probably have to look out for it on DVD.
YSL’s personal battles with his demons and addictions are already well documented, so Thoretton chose not to focus on them for this film. Instead he opted to concentrate on the designer who ‘existed in another sphere. He's like an angel. He's extremely moving. . . That's why I say that he's like an angel. It's very strange. The world was completely foreign to him, in a certain sense. He was frightened by the world and by what surrounds us.’ Bergé, who also narrates the film, himself confirmed that YSL was “pathologically shy” although fiercely creative.
An honest portrait of love and letting go, Thoretton told WWD of the film: ‘I'm hoping that it can change the perception of him, but also our perceptions of ourselves. And to show that stories of life and love are really not fairy tales, it takes work.’
As YSL once claimed, "fashions fade, style is eternal." The same could be said of true love. Because when someone fades from your life, that feeling of all encompassing love in your heart never really goes away.


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